WINK WINK at the Whitaker

Maja Lorkowska, Exhibitions Editor
Harry Clayton Wright, Mr Blackpool (2023). Image by Matt Crockett, Make up by Guy Common, Costume Design by Ryan Dawson Laight

WINK WINK at The Whitaker, Until 23 July 2023, free entry - Visit now

WINK WINK at the Whitaker is a major new exhibition celebrating queer lived experience.

The display weaves together sculpture, drawing, textiles, video and mixed media to present vivid explorations of queerness and its nuances. WINK WINK offers an alternative view of the world and allows us to glimpse it from a completely different perspective that we may not be privy to in everyday life.

Trackie McLeod, MILK LEMONADE CHOCOLATE (2022), Neon light, acrylic box


Curated by Garth Gratrix, artists in the show include creators from all around the country: Harold Offeh, Ro Robertson, SHARP, Topher Campbell, Chester Tenneson, Jez Dolan, Derek Jarman, Rene Matić, Helen Cammock, Daniel Fountain, Sarah-Joy Ford, Garth Gratrix, Jenkin van Zyl, Trackie McLeod, Harry Clayton-Wright, Jacob Talkowski, Parham Ghalamdar, Sunil Gupta, Lothar Götz, Ally Rosenberg, Will Hughes, Rafal Zajko, Stuart Semple and Jonathan Baldock.

WINK WINK at The Whitaker

Until 23 July 2023
Free entry