Whyte Horses at The Dancehouse

Chris Horkan
Image courtesy of The Dancehouse

Whyte Horses at The Dancehouse, Manchester, 26 November 2016, from £10.00 - Book now

Manchester’s Whyte Horses will play a very special hometown show at The Dancehouse on 26 November. The show will be the first time Whyte Horses perform their debut album Pop or Not, which was released earlier this year via CRC Music. As one of the most decadent venues the city has to offer, expect a bombastic evening with extra special guests Badly Drawn Boy, Stealing Sheep, The Go! Team and Josefin Öhrn bringing to life the lauded long-player in a multi-faceted, visually led event.

Whyte Horses have also announced their brilliant new single The Snowfalls will be released on 11 November. ‘Pierrots, the countryside, the city, drugs, the everyday, friends… these are things that shaped The Snowfalls,’ says Whyte Horses’ Dom Thomas on the track. ‘This song isn’t quite so sweet when you know what it’s about, it’s all in the detail. Can the label release this as a single in autumn? That would be nice.’

The album Pop or Not is the result of a music chronologist’s three-month sojourn in the heart of the Italian countryside with only battered analogue recording gear, some cheap guitars and a female vocalist and friend for company.

Whyte Horses are a perfect psychedelic pop group. The ensemble make guitars chime like lysergic bells and sing songs so full of wonder that they make your heart ache. They shape-shift from Turkish psyche to Brazilian trip music, from acid house to electronica to punk rock to guitar classic in a heartbeat. It really shouldn’t work, but it is synthesised with such love and perfection that there is a hypnotic beauty to their music and a poetic perfection to their muse.

All the best music is made by fanatics. The kind of people who are immersed in its wonder and dream in technicolour and see sound and are obsessed by the never ending panoply of electric noise. The band is the brainchild of Dom Thomas, a music fanatic and chronologist who scours the planet for obscure and rare vinyl genius. This obsession is their musical DNA and Whyte Horses are the sound of people who are on the quest for the perfect record and have decided to make one themselves.

Whyte Horses at The Dancehouse, Manchester

26 November 2016 8:00 pm
From £10.00