Wet Ink 2 at HCMF

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Wet Ink 2 at Phipps Hall, Huddersfield, 20 November 2019, free entry - Visit now

In their second concert at hcmf// 2019, American ensemble Wet Ink perform three new works written specially for them. The programme includes a new work from Charmaine Lee, a frequent guest collaborator of Wet Ink’s and rising star of the New York experimental scene. Lee’s exploration of the voice as a tool that can be altered through electronics – rendered differently in new media – has provided us with music like no other. The ensemble also perform Dead Time, a stunning new work by Huddersfield composer Bryn Harrison that maps moments in time that are ’neither eventful nor vital’ – a rare phenomenon, in our current climate. They complete their stay at the festival by playing a puzzle: Eric Wubbels’ modules/relationships has no definitive structure or order of play, and invites Wet Ink to shuffle it at will. The piece was written to showcase the fluidity of Wet Ink – it should send you off without any doubt of their ability to imagine themselves into any musical scenario.

Wet Ink 2 at Phipps Hall, Huddersfield

20 November 2019 12:00 pm
Free entry