The Head Wrap Diaries at Contact

Kristy Stott, Theatre Editor

The Head Wrap Diaries at Contact Theatre, Manchester, 22–23 November 2017, 6.00 -10.00 - Book now

Take your front row seat with hair stylists, Riyah and Linda, as Contact is transformed into a South London hair salon, aptly named BE U Tiful. In a celebration of friendship, femininity, beauty and hair, The Head Wrap Diaries tells the stories of three black female characters from childhood through to the present day. Feisty, brilliant and witty – a multitude of subjects are explored through a discussion around the relationship that we have with our hair. This is an immersive show that mixes dance, theatre and storytelling with a good dash of humour.

Set to an intoxicating musical blend by British Ghanaian singer-songwriter, Kweku Acht and with choreography by Vicki Igbokwe, Uchenna Dance seek to fuse House, Waacking and Vogue with African and Contemporary dance. Choreographer Vicki Igbokwe found her dance inspiration for the show during a trip to New York where she was introduced to different club styles through the eclectic underground dance scene. Interestingly, Igbokwe was also one of the choreography masterminds behind Danny Boyle’s stunning Industrial Revolution scene at the 2012 London Olympic Games.

The interactive feel-good nature of The Head Wrap Diaries is not just confined to the performance space. Following each performance the company would like to invite the audience to their HeadWrap Bar for drinks, to share experiences and participate in an informal Q&A session. There will also be the opportunity to get involved and try your hand at tying a hair wrap.

Recommended for ages five and up, this show celebrates the versatility in Afro-hair and promises to be a vibrant, empowering and uplifting experience for all audience members. Engaging, authentic and grounded in culture, The Head Wrap Diaries has community, conversation and participation at its heart and proud Afro-vibes dancing in its soul.

The Head Wrap Diaries at Contact Theatre, Manchester

22–23 November 2017
6.00 -10.00