Swear School at Waterside Arts Centre

Andrew Anderson
Thick Richard Swear School
Swear School at Waterside Arts Centre

Swear School at Waterside Arts, Manchester, 20–22 October 2016, from £8.50 - Book now

I’m just going to go ahead and say it – I bloody love swearing. Is there anything more enjoyable than letting forth a string of choice expletives? Of course there isn’t. Whether you’re happy, sad or just flippin’ angry, you can always find a profanity that is perfect for you.

So when I heard about punk poet Thick Richard’s Swear School I enrolled right away. Mr Thick (as we’ll call him here) is one of North West’s premier poets, carrying on a long tradition that includes names like Hovis Presley, John Cooper Clarke and Mark E Smith. His delivery is aggressive, acerbic and always entertaining. He’s also an authority on obscenities (check out his poem God Hates Stockport for evidence of this), making him an ideal tutor on the topic of four letter words.

Needless to say there’s strong language throughout – and that’s a good thing.

Swear School at Waterside Arts, Manchester

20–22 October 2016
From £8.50

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