Stick In The Wheel at The Crescent

Nadja Moncolova, Contributor

Stick In The Wheel at The Crescent, Manchester, 12 June 2022, from £15.00 - Book now

Stick in the Wheel are a music duo consisting of Nicola Kearey and Ian Carter. They use centuries-old work-songs that are still relevant in the context of present-day issues of class – an inherently political act, along with historical material ranging from Saxon poetry to Medieval carols. The traditional music and songs are met with the modern electronic music that grew out of their hybrid East London heritage.

Their third studio album, Hold Fast, comprises a sonic palette that is wider yet more nuanced than ever, with synths, spoken word and psychedelic guitar fuzz. This deeply layered journey of hope and resistance via music is coming to The Crescent on 12 June and is not to be missed.


Stick In The Wheel at The Crescent, Manchester

12 June 2022 8:00 pm
From £15.00