St. Philip’s Church Salford

Susie Stubbs
St Philip's Church, Alex Wolkowicz for Creative Tourist
Image courtesy of St. Philip’s Church Salford

St. Philip’s Church Salford, 2 Wilton Place, Salford, M3 6FR – Visit Now

Designed in the early 1820s by Sir Robert Smirke (who also designed the British Museum) and is now presided over by visionary vicar Andy Salmon, St. Philip’s is one of Salford’s finest churches and also, unusually, a live music venue. It is regularly one of the venues for new music fest, Sounds from the Other City. “He thinks a church is something to be used by the local community, and it doesn’t really matter if they come for music or for prayer,’ says SFTOC organiser, Mark Carlin of the Rev. Andy Salmon – and who are we to argue?

  • 2 Wilton Place
  • Salford
  • M3 6FR
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