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Jenny Drinkwater: ROSE-TINTED at AIR Gallery, Altrincham
Jenny Drinkwater

Rose Tinted at AIR Gallery in Altrincham, Altrincham, 22 May–2 June 2018, free entry

Introducing a new series of artwork from visual artist Jenny Drinkwater using the landscape as the basis for her investigations. Since 2014 she has built a body of work that considers the fragility of our environments, looking at the bond between urban development and natural landscapes. Raising awareness of the human impact on the landscape and how an unspoilt and untouched nature no longer exists.

The exhibition ROSE-TINTED at AIR Gallery focuses on man-made signs and networks that have become derelict and are being lost to nature. She articulates the power of the elements whether it be natural, manmade, organic or urban, making the invisible visible and the visible invisible. The works are a combination of photography, post-production ‘darkroom’ processes, painting and perspex to highlight the many vibrant and transformative powers of the landscape around us. Highlighting the spatial interplay between line, shape, colour and shadow. By pushing the boundaries of process she attempts to deepen the viewers understanding of man and nature, and explore the interconnectivity of people and place.

Rose Tinted at AIR Gallery in Altrincham, Altrincham

22 May–2 June 2018
Free entry