Return of the Gods at The World Museum

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Maja Lorkowska, Exhibitions Editor
Return of the Gods at World Museum ©National Museums Liverpool

Return of the Gods at World Museum Liverpool, City Centre, Until 25 February 2024, £8 with concessions - Book now

The World Museum welcomes the drama and grandeur of the ancient world in the new exhibition Return of the Gods at The World Museum.

Described by the organisers as the ‘original influencers’, the display features the gods and goddesses of Mount Olympus and their stories of great love, power and battles.

Return of the Gods is an exhibition for the whole family so everyone can enjoy a healthy dose of Greek and Roman mythology. Expect to see the greatest heroes, like Zeus, Athena, Apollo and Persephone among others. Stories are what brings their characters to life and they are the focus of the show, with tales of magic gems, turning shepherds into stags and the symbolic ways in which these are still present in our lives.

The exhibition is presented with drama worthy of classical deities, with low lighting, interactive elements and fascinating descriptions, suitable for both younger and older visitors. You can move between different ‘zones’, each dedicated to a different goddess or god and take a closer look at their depictions in marble as well as accompanying objects large and small.

The intertwined lives and relationships between the gods are enough to make you dizzy, so upon entering the show, you can take a look at a helpful diagram that clearly outlines the familial and romantic connections between them.

Statue of Apollo, God of Music, Sun and Light. Apollo is the God of music and is often represented as being an entertainer of the gods. He is also the twin god of the huntress goddess Artemis, their father the King of the Gods, Zeus, their mother a mortal Leto.
Statue of Apollo, God of Music, Sun and Light ©National Museums Liverpool


The sculptures themselves are incredible not only because of their age, but the amount of detail, and therefore skill, visible in each one. Carefully carved bodies in marble are covered in animal skins, heads bear imaginative crowns while the folds of fabric will leave you wondering how a solid material can possibly look so fluid.

The showcase of ancient sculpture is possible thanks to the collection of Henry Blundell of Sefton, which is usually scattered around National Museum Liverpool’s (NML) different venues but has now come together to present all 100 sculptures in one place. Return of the Gods is accompanied by a packed programme of events, including regular family activities, a four-week short summer course exploring 3000 years of Ancient Greek History and even a special  dating event, Curse, Marry, Banish in collaboration with Bored of Dating Apps, that will take place in spring.

Return of the Gods at World Museum Liverpool, City Centre

Until 25 February 2024
£8 with concessions

Dates and Times

  • 10 March 2023 11:22 am
  • Always double check dates and times with the venue before making a special visit