Petrichor at Oldham Coliseum – CANCELLED

Kristy Stott, Theatre Editor
Petrichor at Oldham Coliseum
Image courtesy of Ray Chan.

Petrichor at Oldham Coliseum, Manchester, 20–21 November 2020, from £6 - Book now

This November Oldham Coliseum is set to present Petrichor, a socially distanced virtual reality performance.

Created and performed by the award-winning Manchester-based theatre company ThickSkin, the show uses exciting and innovative tech to transport audiences into the dystopian universe of Petrichor. This intriguing production blends VR with live-action theatre and animation to explore the hopes and fears of our current (and future) existence. Whether you’ve ever wanted to have a go at some virtual reality or escape the current reality, this new theatre experience is for you.

Audiences of Petrichor will step into a place where every moment is muted, controlled and monochrome. Nothing bad happens in Petrichor, but nothing good or exciting does either. Happiness and adventure have been exchanged for a world without pain or suffering.

Petrichor at Oldham Coliseum
Image courtesy of Ray Chan.

When an unlikely duo connect with one another, they get a taste of what life could feel like in a more balanced world. Through their newfound friendship, the pair begin to question everything – every thought, every decision and every step – asking themselves could there be something more than this?

This performance will take place in a Covid-secure environment. Audience members will be sat separately around the auditorium and each VR headset will be made medical-grade safe after use. With only 20 tickets available for each performance at Oldham Coliseum, we recommend booking in for this unique performance as soon as you can.

Petrichor at Oldham Coliseum, Manchester

20–21 November 2020
From £6