Angelina May Davis: Pal at Paradise Works

Maja Lorkowska, Exhibitions Editor
'Coming Up For Air' by Angelina May Davis

PAL ANGELINA MAY DAVIS at Paradise Works, Salford, 5 November 2022–20 January 2023, free entry - Visit now

Paradise Works’ current show with artist Angelina May Davis by Division of Labour looks at the idea of Britishness, childhood memories and TV narratives.

Using the motto that “painting is fabrication with truth at its core” Davis examines her past and looks to memories of TV and childhood landscapes and trees, particularly the English elm. This particular species used to be very common but has been ravaged Dutch elm disease and these days you can only find it occasionally, in hedgerows. The artist sees the tree as a motif that reflects her nostalgia.

Angelina May Davis


Angelina May Davis’ paintings are an amalgamation of snippets from the past often in studio interiors, creating their own sealed worlds.

Please note: the exhibition is open by appointment only.

PAL ANGELINA MAY DAVIS at Paradise Works, Salford

5 November 2022–20 January 2023
Free entry