Null (Parts 5-7) at HCMF

Creative Tourist

Null (Parts 5-7) at Bates Mill Photographic Studio, 22 November 2019, free entry

The music of Null describes our experience waiting, pausing, anticipating. To us, the act of not doing something, and merely expecting it, is as good as nothing. During this five-year project, sound designer Luigi Archetti made a series of recordings that serve as a metaphor for this sensation. Think of elevators, or train platforms, or empty offices – places where a murky near-silence permeates everything. With its greyscale drones and static sound, Null invites us to notice the waiting room worlds we spend our days in.

Null (Parts 5-7) at Bates Mill Photographic Studio

22 November 2019 9:00 pm
Free entry

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