Nadia Ratsimandresy at HCMF

Creative Tourist
© Nadia Ratsimandresy

Nadia Ratsimandresy at Bates Mill Photographic Studio, 20 November 2019, free entry

Nadia Ratsimandresy has been playing the ondes Martenot – one of the earliest electronic instruments ever made – since she was a child. Invented in the 1920s, the instrument is known for its unique sonic palette; unlike other instruments in the keyboard family, it makes an indefinite hovering sound, offering its player the chance to create ambiguous, emotionally charged music. In this concert, Ratsimandresy plays a series of newly commissioned works on her instrument, supporting it with a more modern selection of electronic sounds.

Nadia Ratsimandresy at Bates Mill Photographic Studio

20 November 2019 11:00 pm
Free entry