MadLab 3D Printing Architecture Workshop at the Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art

Sarah Gaffney-Lang, Families Editor
Building shown in evening with colourful blurred lights - for 3D printing architecture workshop
Credit: CFCCA, and Arthur Siuksta

MadLab 3D Printing Architecture Workshop at esea contemporary, Manchester, 16 November 2019, from £8 - Book now

Join this workshop at the Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art and enjoy an amazing opportunity to get your family interested in architecture. This is your chance to get hands on with 3D printing and inspire young minds with it’s potential for architecture.

The workshop will take you through the fundamentals of digital design software. Children and young people will even be able to 3D print their own futuristic building to take home! Inspired by the work of artist Cui Jie, this workshop will be an exploration of ‘impossible’ architecture made possible by new technologies.

Bank of China and Bank of Communications by Cui Jie. Inspiration for 3D printing architecture workshop.
Credit: Cui Jie/ Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art


The workshop will be led by Manchester Digital Laboratory (MadLab), a not-for-profit, grassroots digital innovation organisation based in Manchester. They’re all about bringing exciting new projects to the people of Greater of Manchester (4,000 of them last year). They focus primarily on science, technology, art and culture (sounds like a bit of us!) and aim to encourage public experimentation with new & emerging technologies. This workshop is certainly no exception, giving young people a chance to have a go at 3D printing and produce the architectural dreams of their imaginations.

The event will use the exhibition by Shanghai based artist Cui Jie, as inspiration (running at the Centre from 25 October 2019 – 19 January 2020). Cui Jie uses acrylic and spray paint on canvas to create pieces that explore architecture and public sculpture. Her work combines modern and imaginary architectural forms and uses cityscapes to convey a sense of rapid urbanisation in China. She is described by the Wall Street Journal as one of ‘China’s Rising Art Stars’ and her exhibition is a great point of inspiration to get young minds talking, thinking, and ultimately printing their ideas for the architecture of the future.

The event is recommended for children and young people aged 10+ and booking is essential.

MadLab 3D Printing Architecture Workshop at esea contemporary, Manchester

16 November 2019 11:00 am
From £8