Lock and Key

Creative Tourist
Image courtesy of Lancaster Castle

Lock and Key at Lancaster Castle, Lancashire, 4 November 2016, free entry - Visit now

A Castle, a Prison, a Fort: for a thousand years Lancaster Castle has kept them in and kept them out, an immovable force for the city and its people.

Lock and Key is a large scale interactive projection for Light up Lancaster by Illuminos artists Matt and Rob Vale which brings the castle itself alive, shares its secrets and creates a mass jail-break.

Sonic and visual codes emerge from the walls and, by playing the notes back correctly as a team, the layers of this mighty fortress will clang and tumble open.  Will the inmates make it through the defences to the freedom of the city and the beautiful landscape beyond? Or will they remain trapped in the castle, held behind lock and key?

Lock and Key at Lancaster Castle, Lancashire

4 November 2016 5:00 pm
Free entry