Kelly Jayne Jones at HCMF

Creative Tourist
© Katja Ogrin

Kelly Jayne Jones at Bates Mill Photographic Studio, 21 November 2019, free entry - Visit now

A committed collaborator, Kelly Jayne Jones is interested in building networks and relationships with her music, and in creating communal experiences. It’s led her into a series of projects with differently interactive elements, involving visual motifs, choreography and audience participation. She recently created and toured a performance with Matana Roberts, the free-jazz saxophonist and noisemaker behind the revelatory COIN COIN project. Her appearance at hcmf// 2019 is collaborative, too: working alongside visual artist Dan Valentine, she’s created an installation through which she will perform, hoping to ‘connect with other dimensions’. It’s an extremely Kelly Jayne Jones way of going about things. We can’t help but take her word for it.

Kelly Jayne Jones at Bates Mill Photographic Studio

21 November 2019 10:30 pm
Free entry