Institute at Liverpool Playhouse

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Liverpool Everyman & Playhouse

Institute at Liverpool Playhouse, City Centre, 16–19 November 2016, from £9.50 - Book now

Martin longs for one more breath with Margaret. Daniel climbs higher and higher over a towering world but will he fulfil his ambition? Stuck in this beguiling maze of officialdom they lurch from one outrageous task to another, but who is giving the orders?

We have plunged into what it means to care. We have spoken to our elders, colleagues and friends, witnessed those on the edges of society, and looked at the world around us. For two years we have honed and crafted Institute; an intimate dissection of the way we nurture and care for ourselves and each other.

Institute at Liverpool Playhouse, City Centre

16–19 November 2016
From £9.50