Black Gold Arts Festival at Contact

Andrew Anderson
Image courtesy of Contact Theatre

Black Gold Arts Festival at Contact Theatre, Manchester, 17–18 November 2017, from £7.00 - Book now

Created by, for and with Black artists, Black Gold Arts Festival is a showcase for the best BAME talent in the North – and as you can imagine, that means a lot of talent indeed. First run in 2015 with mainly writers in mind, the festival has since expanded to include all the artists – be they musicians, rappers, poets, dancers, comedians – who so far have been kept inexcusably under-the-radar.

At the top of the bill is Cheryl Martin. One of the Black Gold’s founders, Martin’s work could be a festival all on its own as she switches from theatre director to jazz singer to confessional storyteller. On this occasion Martin is performing her solo work Who Wants to Live Forever?, untangling the strands of her difficult past, with threads on childhood camping trips, Billie Holiday and overcoming adversity.

Meanwhile Nuclear is fierce with a capital ‘F’. This dance show has some of the North’s most remarkable artists, including Vogue Ball-regulars House Of Ghetto and choreographer Chad Taylor, whose latest work Persistence will premiere as part of the event.

Black Gold Arts Festival at Contact Theatre, Manchester

17–18 November 2017
From £7.00

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