Pop-up Cinema in Manchester: Maxine Peake in Keeping Rosy

Polly Checkland Harding

A new, pop-up Cinema on Portland Street is set to transport its audience into the threatening world of Keeping Rosy.

Imagine being trapped in a film. Richard Ayoade’s The Double, say, or Shaun of the Dead. A few years ago, illusionist Derren Brown put someone through a living nightmare: lulled into a trance state while playing a zombie shoot ‘em up game, they were transported to a life-sized re-enactment, complete with the staggering undead, and woken. Instead of safely pointing a plastic gun at the screen of an arcade game, the clunky, animated figures were suddenly very close, and very real. It made for gripping TV – but, honestly, you probably wouldn’t choose for it to happen to you. With the rise of immersive theatre, film and food, it’s easier now than ever to visit fictional worlds – but it’s also worth picking your imaginary surrounds carefully.

It’s worth picking your imaginary surrounds carefully

For the world première of psychological thriller Keeping Rosy, the audience will walk through a reflection of the film’s setting: screened in a 14 storey office block on Portland Street, with some incredible views over Manchester, the location will echo the working environment of Charlotte (played by Maxine Peake), an ambitious professional plagued by a psychopathic security guard (Blake Harrison). The context has been cleverly chosen – it’s likely to more deeply involve viewers, bringing Charlotte’s experiences to life in their minds. Isabella Georgeaux, one of the film’s two producers, explains that the Keeping Rosy team has “added some special touches to heighten the cinema experience” – these include individual headphones to channel the sound direct into your ears, and a glass of fizz to calm the nerves afterwards. After all, as the teaser trailer demonstrates, this is a story that the audience will be glad they can escape from, after the film’s finish.

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