Virgin Red Room

Ian Jones, Food and Drink Editor
Virgin Red Room
Virgin Red Room

Virgin Red Room, Victoria Station Approach, Hunts Bank, Manchester, M3 1AR – Visit Now

An evening at the Virgin Red Room is quite an experience. It’s a VIP room equipped with everything you could possibly want for a night out at an arena event, whether that’s watching your favourite band, comedy gig or some other show-stopping event.

A VIP room equipped with everything you could possibly want for a night out at an arena event

This plush and very, very red room has a wealth of perks, including all the drinks and food you could possibly want. Go straight for the champagne, why not? Or if you’re pacing yourself, sip at some of the high-quality beers, before tucking into pizza, nachos, snacks and a host of other good quality food options. There’s enough seating for well over a dozen people to watch the show from a superb vantage point, and more can mill around this luxury space to enjoy the experience.

Virgin Red Room

There’s a private cloakroom and bathroom so you don’t need to head out to mingle with the hordes, everything is here, complete with cheerful, friendly staff ready to help you throughout the evening.

But how do you actually get to spend an evening in there? It’s for Virgin Red members only, and basically, you earn points by making purchases with Virgin’s many dozens of partners (including, Virgin Trains, John Lewis and more) and for tickets for two guests you’ll need 20,000 Virgin Points. For more information, click the link below or download the Virgin Red app and hoover up those points, safe in the knowledge you’re setting yourself up for one of the most memorable nights of your life.

  • Victoria Station Approach, Hunts Bank
  • Manchester
  • M3 1AR
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