The Crepe & Waffle House

Ian Jones, Food and Drink Editor
The Crepe & Waffle House

The Crepe & Waffle House, Delivery only, Manchester, M1 111 – Visit Now

Following a successful launch down South, The Crepe & Waffle House bring their huge range of high quality sweet and savoury crepes and waffles to Manchester. It’s delivery only for now, available Wednesday to Sunday.

You can expect global flavours, transformed into indulgent sweet and savoury crepes and waffles suitable for all dietary needs, whether you’re looking for vegan, halal, gluten or dairy-free options. You can also pick from a selection of creamy shakes, in all kinds of flavours.

The Classic One is a great place to start, from the savoury section. It’s an enormous crepe, smothered with tangy melted cheddar and pizza-style slices of smoked ham, topped off with a grind of black pepper and some chives. This is a monster serving, easily enough for two, or to tuck away for leftovers, and utterly delicious.

The other crepes are superb too, including the all-vegan Hoisin One, full to bursting with mock duck and hoisin sauce and stir-fried vegetables. Vegan or not, this is a standout option.

As for the sweet section, this is traditionally what waffles are most associated with, and for good reason. The Biscoff One is a revelation, covered with biscuits, crumb, Biscoff spread and toffee sauce. It’s not a daily meal, for sure, but as a well-earned end-of-week treat, it’s a winner.

The Crepe & Waffle House is a great little diversion from the more ordinary delivery options out there. The portions are huge, they taste delicious and they’re named like Friends episodes, what’s not to love?