Pizza restaurants in Manchester

Ian Jones, Food and Drink Editor

Pizza has become hugely popular in Manchester in recent years. New venues are popping up at a rate of knots, specialising in all things cheese, tomato and dough, with award-winning restaurants rubbing shoulders with more wacked-out options all across the city. We’ve picked out the very best, including a couple of wild cards.

So, without further a-dough (apologies), here are the city’s best pizza restaurants, whether you’re looking for Italian authenticity, or something a bit more bonkers. Would you like extra cheese on that? Of course you do.

Here are our picks

  • 1. Crazy Pedro’s NQ


    Crazy Pedro’s NQ, Short St, Manchester, M1 1JG - Visit now

    Crazy Pedro’s is renowned for its extensive collection of tequila, as well as some of the best slices of pizza in town. Best options? The classic Pepperoni can’t be beat, but the adventurous diner should opt for ‘Send Noodz’, a collaboration with the guys at Tokyo Ramen, which brings the flavours of traditional Japanese ramen to pizza. Sounds bonkers? Relax, it works. Expect Tan Tan spicy sauce on Pedro’s tomato base, topped with chicken coated in chicken salt (a Tokyo Ramen top-secret recipe), deep-fried ramen noodles, a sprinkle of spring onions, sweetcorn mayo and finished off with Red Dragon sauce. Grab a slice or be bold, go for the whole 16-inch pizza.



  • 2. Salvi’s Pizzeria Napoletana


    Salvi’s Pizzeria Napoletana, John Dalton Street, Manchester, M2 6FW - Visit now

    The best new pizzeria in town? It’s a firm yes from us. Salvis Pizzeria Napoletana is a must-try for cheese, tomato and dough-lovers, thanks to the three-times-a-week delivery of fresh ingredients, direct from Italy. Welcome to the North’s very own piece of Naples.

  • 3. Rudy’s Pizza

    Image of Rudy's Neapolitian Pizza, Ancoats
    Ben Williams

    Rudy’s Pizza, 9 Cotton Street, Ancoats, Manchester, Greater Manchester, M4 5BF - Visit now

    Rudy’s is based in the very up-and-coming Cutting Room Square and proclaims to be run by “Neapolitan pizza makers and enthusiasts following the cultural traditions of Naples.” Buonissimo, right? But what does this tradition actually translate to? Ruddy tasty pizza, that’s what.

  • 4. Noi Quattro

    Noi Quattro
    Noi Quattro

    Noi Quattro, 120 High St, Manchester, M4 1HQ - Visit now

    Noi Quattro is a stylish, modern Italian pizzeria in the Northern Quarter. Very convenient for tram and bus transport, it is also nicely set off around a corner, making for a relaxing and intimate spot ideal for dates and well-earned lunch-breaks.

  • 5. Slice

    Slice Pizzeria in Stevenson Square Manchester.
    Ben Williams

    Slice, Stevenson Square, Manchester, Greater Manchester, M1 1JJ - Visit now

    This tiny café, tucked into a former clothing warehouse on Stevenson Square, has the layout of a rudimentary canteen but with its hand-built pizza oven on view. And it’s this oven that makes Slice so very special. It might look unassuming from the outside, but it’s a must-try for pizza-lovers.

  • 6. PLY

    Image of signage outside PLY in Manchester's Northern Quarter
    Ben Williams

    PLY, 26 Lever Street, Manchester, Greater Manchester, M1 1DW - Visit now

    Stevenson Square in the Northern Quarter has plenty of dining and drinking options but as a combination pizzeria, bar, café and exhibition space, PLY is unique. The main dining room is large and open, the space hedged by distressed brickwork and huge windows which give out onto the always-fun-to-watch human traffic passing by. There are long, sociable tables meant for groups of friends and there are two-seaters for privacy. The waft of pizza and the soft music are the final pieces in an atmospheric puzzle that makes it one of the most welcoming pizzerias in Manchester.

  • 7. Matt and Phred’s

    matt and phreds sign manchester music

    Matt and Phred’s, 64 Tib Street, Manchester, Greater Manchester, M4 1LW - Visit now

    Not just a haven for jive-popping polo-necked finger-snapping jazz aficionados, Matt & Phred’s also serve up a mean pizza – at a bargain price. We’re not sure what links pizza and jazz music have, but we’re not complaining.