Gluten-free restaurants in Manchester

Ian Jones, Food and Drink Editor

Finding gluten-free restaurants in Manchester can be a chore. Gluten can be an issue for a lot of people, many of whom might not realise it, and awareness of it is particularly important for those with celiac disease and wheat allergy or intolerance. But what exactly is a gluten-free diet? There’s a lot of confusion around this, and indeed, you’ll find quite a few guides out there that miss the mark. In this guide, we’ll explain what a gluten-free diet entails and steer you towards the best places for a gluten-less meal out in Manchester.

It has been suggested that a gluten-free diet can lead to improved health, weight loss and increased energy

In brief, gluten is a mixture of proteins found in wheat, along with oats, barley and rye. These substances are common in many meals, so removing them from your diet requires quite a bit of research, though it can be beneficial even for those without a sensitivity to gluten – it has been suggested that a gluten-free diet can lead to improved health, weight loss and increased energy.

It might sound overwhelming but there are plenty of safe foods to focus on, such as fruit and vegetables, beans, eggs, lean meat and fish and most dairy products. It’s also worth being aware of cross-contamination, which can easily happen in busy restaurant kitchens. With this in mind, when looking for a meal out it’s best to focus on venues that specifically mention gluten-free dishes on the menu, as an indicator that they’re aware of this and set up to avoid any issues in the kitchen.

When looking for a meal out it’s best to focus on venues that specifically mention gluten-free dishes on the menu

Some restaurants are happy to accommodate this diet, so it’s always worth ringing ahead to make sure. All the restaurants below have been visited by the CT team and can be verified as gluten-free friendly. So book a meal at one of the many gluten-free restaurants in Manchester listed below, and relax in the confidence that you’re eating great food, without the risk of any health issues cropping up afterward.

Our top picks

The Allotment Vegan Restaurant

The Allotment Vegan Restaurant, Lloyd’s house, 18-22 Lloyd St, Manchester, M2 5WA - Visit now

Vegan food is ideal for those sensitive to gluten, and The Allotment on Lloyd Street is one of the best. The menu is entirely plant-based and perfect for those looking to avoid gluten.

Martin Kevill

Dough Pizza Kitchen

Dough Pizza Kitchen, 75 - 77 High St, Manchester, Greater Manchester, M4 1FS - Visit now

Gluten-free doesn’t mean avoiding delicious food like pizza and pasta. Dough not only serves up some of the best pizza in the city centre, they also have a dedicated gluten-free kitchen, which means superb gluten-free pizza and pasta options.

Image of Manchester's Dough Pizza Kitchen
Ben Williams

Evelyn’s Cafe Bar

Evelyn’s Cafe Bar, G18 Tib Street, Manchester, M4 1NB - Visit now

One of the highlights of the Northern Quarter, Evelyn’s is a lovely intimate space with an exciting and varied menu, with numerous gluten-free choices. The staff are some of the friendliest around, so be sure to ask them for their recommendations.

Charlie Spargo


PLY, 26 Lever Street, Manchester, Greater Manchester, M1 1DW - Visit now

Another pizza restaurant, and another excellent place to enjoy gluten-free and vegan pizzas.

Image of signage outside PLY in Manchester's Northern Quarter
Ben Williams

Mr Cooper’s

Mr Cooper’s, The Midland Hotel, Peter Street, Manchester, Greater Manchester, M60 2DS - Visit now

This beautiful space in the Midland Hotel is well worth a visit. Gluten-free options aren’t flagged up on their menus, but they do have a host of gluten-free options if you know what you’re looking for – and if not, simply ask the experienced staff and they’ll guide you in the right direction.

Mr Cooper’s

Pho Manchester

Pho Manchester, Unit 15, The Corn Exchange, 37 Hanging Ditch, Manchester, Greater Manchester, M4 3TR - Visit now

Ideal for a quick eat-and-dash meal, Pho in the Corn Exchange offer an entirely gluten-free menu so you can browse the menu freely, without having to skip out on anything.

First Floor Restaurant at HOME

First Floor Restaurant at HOME, 2 Tony Wilson Place, Manchester, Greater Manchester, M15 4FN - Visit now

You’ll find a wealth of quality gluten-free options on the menu here, plus plenty of vegan and veggie-friendly choices to boot.

HOME Manchester
Paul Karalius

Campagna at The Creameries

Campagna at The Creameries, 406 Wilbraham Road, Manchester, M21 0SD - Visit now

Mary-Ellen McTague, the owner and head chef at The Creameries in Chorlton, is celiac so she’s very aware of food intolerances and you’ll find plenty of suitable food selections on the menu at this forward-thinking restaurant.

Campagna at The Creameries
Ian Jones

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