Food Delivery and Kit Meals in the North

Ian Jones, Food and Drink Editor

Food delivery and kit meals in the North are becoming ever-more popular, thanks to many of the region’s best restaurants, grocery shops and food retailers offering this service during lockdown times. Tired of waiting in an endless queue at the supermarket, not to mention worried about the risks of wandering around a confined space? Don’t worry, now you can order food online, including anything from breakfast and cake delivery, right up to a full grocery delivery. Here are some of the best food outlets who are now giving the option of food delivery right to your door.

And if you want something a little extra special, some truly high-end restaurants are putting together kit meals, also available by food delivery service (and in some cases, socially-distanced collection from the venue itself). These kit meals are a little more fancy than recipe kits found in supermarkets, rather they’re a collection of top-quality ingredients, including meat, fish, vegetables, spices and seasonings, sourced from the suppliers the restaurants use themselves. This means you’ll get access to top produce that you can’t find in the shops, no matter how hard you look.

These kit meals come with detailed instructions, so you can play-act at being Simon Wood or Adam Reid for the evening, and occasionally even come with livestreams of the chefs themselves cooking the meals. And these cooking videos aren’t just devoted to the kit meals, plenty of chefs are recording videos of themselves cooking top-class meals in their home kitchen, so you can copy along using those restaurant-quality ingredients you’ve bought online.

The hospitality industry has had to adapt rapidly during lockdown, and that means food-lovers must too. Thankfully, this isn’t providing as painful as it might have been, thanks to top restaurants deciding to sell takeaway versions of their popular dishes, not to mention semi-prepped kit meals, and the generosity (plus a desire to show off, let’s be honest) of chefs in providing previously secret recipes means we can eat well in the comfort of our own homes, for the time being. Food delivery services and kit meals are a perfect way to bridge the gap before normality returns.

Here are our picks

  • 1. Three Little Words

    Three Little Words
    Three Little Words

    Three Little Words, 12-13 Watson St, Manchester, M3 4LP - Visit now

    Three Little Words are closed for the time being, due to you-know-what, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy their sell-out Sunday roasts. Simply order online and collect at the venue on Saturday or Sunday afternoon. Take a day off and let Three Little Words do the heavy lifting: a full high-quality roast dinner for two, with all the trimmings and a bottle of wine (red or white, your choice) or cocktails for two. You can choose from roast beef or veggie, and quite simply, they’re spectacular.

  • 2. Eighth Day

    Eighth Day
    image courtesy of On the Eighth Day

    Eighth Day, 111 Oxford Road, Manchester, Greater Manchester, M1 7DU - Visit now

    Oxford Road’s greatest worker co-op are now selling food boxes online, packed full of meat-free, organic food and drink. Mine’s a mango smoothie.

  • 3. Higher Ground

    Higher Ground
    Higher Ground

    Higher Ground, Ducie Street Warehouse, Manchester, M1 2TP - Visit now

    Looking for some of the most exciting meals from the latest restaurant to wow the Manchester food scene? Higher Ground have a range of kit meals available at their online shop, including a hugely popular vegan menu and luxurious wine options, such as a ‘rustic pack’, ‘salami pack’ and more. Described as ’29 minute meals’, they’re designed to be finished off in your kitchen in less than half an hour, plus chef Joe cooks the meals live on Friday evenings at 7 pm on Instagram.

  • 4. Shoryu Ramen Manchester

    Shoryu Ramen
    Shoryu Ramen

    Shoryu Ramen Manchester, 1 Piccadilly, Manchester, M1 1RG - Visit now

    Piccadilly’s Japanese noodle restaurant, Shoryu Ramen, has launched a DIY Shoryu kit meal so diners can make their favourite dishes at home during lockdown. These are available to order online from and the kits include everything budding chefs need to make the group’s famous, signature Ganso Ramen at home.

  • 5. Wood Manchester

    Ian Jones

    Wood Manchester, Jack Rosenthal Street, Manchester, M15 4RA - Visit now

    Wood At Home is the new venture from Simon Wood, where fans of fine dining in Manchester can order semi-prepped meals from Wood Manchester to cook at home. Even better, Simon himself cooks the meals along with you via video, so you can live out your dream of being a Masterchef-winning cook.

  • 6. Salvi’s Mozzarella Bar

    Salvi’s Mozzarella Bar, 22b, The Corn Exchange, Corporation St, Manchester, Greater Manchester, M4 3TR - Visit now

    Salvi’s is one of the city’s best examples of Italian cuisine, and you can order top-notch produce from their deli, right to your door. Check their social media channels for tutorials about how to cook some of their very best dishes.

  • 7. Levenshulme Market

    Image courtesy of Levenshulme Market

    Levenshulme Market, Stockport Road (junction with Albert Rd), Levenshulme, Manchester, M19 3AB

    The market might be closed for the time being, but many of their street food traders have switched to direct deliveries of everything you could normally expect to find at the market, from cheese and butter from Winter Tarn to momos from Little Yeti.

  • 8. Isca Wines

    Isca Wine

    Isca Wines, 825 Stockport Rd, Levenshulme, M19 3PN - Visit now

    Our favourite Levenshulme venue, Isca Wine are offering home delivery for wine and other important provisions such as organic eggs and butter, sourdough bread, cheese, chocolate and much more. Choose from tempting options like the Isca Indulgence Box, the Spring Wine Box or the Isca Essentials Box.

  • 9. Trove Restaurant

    Trove Restaurant, 1032 Stockport Road, Levenshulme, Greater Manchester, M19 3WX - Visit now

    Trove has a small but perfectly formed range of things to buy on their online shop, including a weekly bread subscription and an organic veg box, along with a few other essentials.

  • 10. Koffee Pot

    Photo of Koffee Pot in Manchester's Northern Quarter
    Ben Williams

    Koffee Pot, 84-86 Oldham Street, Manchester, Greater Manchester, M4 1LE - Visit now

    Trust Koffee Pot to come up with the goods. They’re delivering a host of DIY kits to the people of Greater Manchester, including a veggie breakfast kit, a DIY burger kit and, the ultimate choice, the lockdown DIY brekkie kit, featuring everything you could possibly want to wipe out those quarantine hangovers.