Write Queer, Write Now – Creative Writing Workshop

Carmel Smickersgill, Tours & Activities Editor
via Leeds Inspired

Write Queer, Write Now - Creative Writing Workshop, 20 March 2022, from £1.00 - Book now

The Leeds based independent bookshop The Bookish Type are excited to announce their first creative writing workshop, Write Queer, Write Now.

Writer and facilitator Clare Fisher  will be leading a day long creative writing workshop, encouraging participants to generate lots of ideas that be taken away and developed into whatever form of writing suits. Clare, is a queer writer also based in Leeds, who teaches and helps others find their voice in creative writing as well as developing their own work. They are known for being the author of the novel All the Good Things and the short story collection, How the Light Gets In.

In the workshop there will be discussions of what it means to ‘write queer’ as well as readings, sharing and exploring different forms. You’ll leave with a clear idea of how to pursue your own creative writing projects and what forms they may take.

Clare is aiming to make Write Queer, Write now accessible for queer writers of any background or level of experience allowing participants to bounce ideas off each other within a range of abilities. Most of the exercises are open ended and can be taken at whatever pace feels comfortable for each writer.

Write Queer, Write Now - Creative Writing Workshop

20 March 2022 11:00 am
From £1.00