World of Music Choir (Spring 2021)

Carmel Smickersgill, Tours & Activities Editor
world of music choir
Band on the Wall

World of Music Choir (Autumn 2020) at Band on the Wall, Manchester, 5 January–30 March 2021 - Book now

If you’re feeling unmotivated and in need of human connection, there’s nothing like a good old sing to warm the soul. Throughout the lockdown period Band on the Wall have been hosting World of Music Choir online, on a drop in basis. This spring the choir is going stronger than ever.  Each week folk singer Bella Hardy is join by highly skilled guest leaders learning songs, harmony and rounds. Whether you’re a keen chorister or just enjoy learning a new tune to sing in the shower, you’ll never leave a singing group feeling worse than when you arrived.

Each week Bella will lead you through a mixture of traditional and modern songs. With every part being learnt orally there’s no pressure to read music or have any previous experience. The choir exists to help people find joy in singing, there is no judgement or musical requirements.

The choir ‘meets’ via a livestream every Tuesday at 6pm. With members being able to interact and ask questions through Youtube comments. After every workshop the video link will remain available for those who can’t be there at the exact time to recap and sing along with.

Enjoy the cosiness of autumn and experience singing with a group, without having to face the elements to go out and do so. Check out the World of Music Choir website to hear some of the multitrack recordings they’ve already made during this time.

World of Music Choir (Autumn 2020) at Band on the Wall, Manchester

5 January–30 March 2021