Welcome to The Lost Carnival at Dunham Massey

Gemma Gibb, Associate Editor
Wild Rumpus / TenEight

Welcome to The Lost Carnival at Dunham Massey at Dunham Massey, 28–29 July 2017, from £14 - Book now

The Lost Carnival is an atmospheric outdoor theatrical experience focusing on the curious tale of two rival Victorian carnival families which appears in a different locality and guise each year.

Produced by Wild Rumpus (Just So Festival) and So It Is (Bury Met, Head For The Hills – Ramsbottom Festival) The Lost Carnival’s loyal followers and those who are up for a bit of thrilling and charming outdoor creative adventure alike will be hula hooping with joy to hear that its 2017 incarnation will be an entire summer of a theatrical installations and circus challenges for families in the Dunham Massey gardens.

Launching this experience are two evenings of celebration, performance and most likely some signature mischief in the glorious Dunham gardens as night falls to the sounds of the Jake Leg Jug Band’s 1920s ragtime rhythms.

Highlights include sensational acrobatics from Manchester’s fine Circus House and the chance to have a go yourself at tightrope, trapeze and more floor-based physical feats. Watch out for living Toybox Doll characters who give a different reaction every time you turn their key and play a game of chance as part of the eccentric Legs 11 puppet show.

The two special evening events will also be the first chance to meet new Lost Carnival characters who will be performing in the gardens across the summer and practice songs, do carnival hair and make-up, try on costumes and discover more about the story so far.

This could not be a more perfect pairing tied to Dunham’s current astonishing story and exhibition Dunham’s Lost Years – A Victorian Tale of Love and Abandonment uncovering the controversial marriage of daring circus performer and beauty Catharine Cox to Dunham’s heir George Harry. We love that The Lost Carnival story intertwines with this incredible historical reality as performers from The Lost Carnival will be rehearsing across the summer at Dunham “under the invitation” of Catharine Cox.

New Carnivalistas can get involved in the back story online and via podcasts in advance of the event, or just rock up and enjoy an enchanting new world. Oh … and did we mention there will be gin, prosecco, festival food and a fire performance to end the evening?

Welcome to The Lost Carnival at Dunham Massey at Dunham Massey

28–29 July 2017
From £14