The Lost Words: Told in Gold at Dunham Massey

Kristy Stott, Theatre Editor
The Lost Words: Told in Gold at Lyme
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The Lost Words: Told in Gold at Dunham Massey, 21–25 October 2019, from £10.00 - Book now

Due to the recent flooding at Lyme, this event was postponed and has been moved to nearby Dunham Massey in time for October half term.

This half-term a brand-new outdoor performance, based on The Lost Words, comes to Dunham Massey. Perfect for families of children aged four and over, The Lost Words: Told in Gold is inspired by Robert Macfarlane and Jackie Morris’ beautifully illustrated children’s book.

Described as a ‘cultural phenomenon’ by The Guardian, The Lost Words has become a huge bestseller since it’s publication in October 2017. Taking pride of place in many classrooms across Britain, it has won numerous accolades and inspired many creative minds, both young and old.

The book was originally created as a response to the omission of nature words – like ‘heather’, ‘bluebell’ and ‘acorn’ – from a popular children’s dictionary. Since it’s creation, the book has become part of a much larger movement – a resistance to the loss of the natural world, and a celebration of nature and all of the creatures and plants we live alongside.

‘Once upon a time, words began to vanish from the language of children. They disappeared so quietly at first, almost no one noticed – until one day, they were gone…’

With plenty of exploring and adventuring to be had, Dunham Massey is the perfect place to bring these words back to life.

We love that The Lost Words: Told in Gold has been created as a fully sensory experience, also designed to be fully accessible for visitors with visual impairments, SEN or autism. The spoken sections in the performance will be performed in Makaton too.

We like nothing more than creative activities in the open air. By using the magic of nature, The Lost Words bears a powerful message that we all need to bridge that gap between childhood and our natural world.

The Lost Words: Told in Gold at Dunham Massey

21–25 October 2019
From £10.00

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