The Last Yankee at Bolton Library Theatre

Kristy Stott, Theatre Editor
The Last Yankee at Bolton Library Theatre
Image courtesy of Inge Morath / Magnum Photos — Arthur Miller at home, Roxbury, CT, USA 1980

The Last Yankee at Bolton Library Theatre, Bolton, 28 February–16 March 2019, from £10.00 - Book now

It’s an exciting time for Bolton Octagon – the redevelopment of the theatre is well underway. The exciting transformation will see the building enlarged and modernised, ensuring the theatre’s future for generations to come.

A true jewel in Bolton’s crown – the Octagon site is scheduled to reopen early in 2020. During this period of closure, the theatre will remain active with performances scheduled to take place in alternative spaces across Bolton.

One performance that we’re championing for 2019 is the Octagon’s revival of the Arthur Miller classic, The Last Yankee which will take place at Bolton Library Theatre. There will be a number of major Miller revivals happening this year but this production, directed by David Thacker, promises to be compelling viewing.

The play takes place in a mental health unit somewhere in New England. Two men visit their wives who are inpatients in the mental health unit. Both women struggle with depression and addiction to prescription drugs.

Patty and her carpenter husband, Leroy were once ‘the handsomest pair in town’. Now they struggle to make ends meet whilst trying to build a home for their seven children.

John Frick, a wealthy businessman, can’t understand why Karen, ‘a women who has everything she could possibly want’, appears despondent and has inexplicably ‘lost all her optimism’.

This is thoughtful and timely programming from Bolton Octagon. In a world where so many people experience mental health concerns, Arthur Miller’s funny, compassionate and profoundly moving play may offer hope to us all.

The Last Yankee at Bolton Library Theatre, Bolton

28 February–16 March 2019
From £10.00

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