Sounds of the Cosmos at Cluny 2

Johnny James, Managing Editor
Jane Weaver Sounds of the Cosmos at Cluny 2
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Sounds of the Cosmos at Cluny 2, Newcastle, 3 August 2018, free entry - Visit now

Opening the Hexagon Experiment is Jane Weaver. 90’s indie kid turned early-psych revivalist, the last four years have been the most successful in the artist’s multifaceted career. After operating in the relative fringes with Britpop band Kill Laura, folktronica band Misty Dixon, and during a string of increasingly esoteric solo albums, Weaver received an unprecedented surge of acclaim in 2014. Her album The Silver Globe, released that year, was a masterclass in modern psychedelia, lauded for its invention, depth and detail.

Her most recent album has been an equal triumph. Transmitting prismatic soundscapes and hypnotically pulsating rhythms from the cosmos, Modern Kosmology is brimming with great psychoactive pop tunes. It will be a joyous experience to get up close and personal with these in the intimate setting of Cluny 2, where Weaver will be joined in conversation by space scientists(!) Sophia Allan and Megan Argo.

Sounds of the Cosmos at Cluny 2, Newcastle

3 August 2018 1:00 pm
Free entry