RNCM Summer Season 2019

Johnny James, Music Editor

The RNCM Summer Season 2019 is just around the corner, and as usual there are some stunning concerts to look forward to. In this guide, we’ve cherry picked five of the best, covering a spectrum of events and, perhaps surprisingly, a spectrum of venues.

Within, you’ll find Future Music, a day filled with cutting edge workshops, demos and performances pertaining to AI, VR, live coding and musical robots. You’ll also find a concert by Mahan Esfahani, whose forward-thinking approach to the harpsichord is truly exciting. I Hear The Rain is set to be another great concert, with the RNCM Chamber Choir and the RNCM Baroque Soloists giving a one-off performance at Manchester’s iconic Victoria Baths. Over at the Bridgewater Hall, meanwhile, the RNCM Symphony Orchestra will perform a passion-filled programme featuring Rachmaninov’s epic Symphony No 2 and Ravel’s Piano Concerto for the Left Hand. And finally, collaboration is the order of the day at Protest Musicone of the highlights of Manchester Histories’ Peterloo 2019.

We hope you enjoy reading our top picks from the RNCM Summer Season.