Pottery Taster at Seven Limes

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Carmel Smickersgill, Tours & Activities Editor
Pottery Taster at Seven Limes
Seven Limes

Pottery Taster at Seven Limes at Seven Limes Pottery Manchester, Manchester, 24 March 2019, from £50 - Book now

For those who are completely new to throwing pots, Seven Limes Pottery is a perfect environment to have a go at creating, decorating and experimenting with ceramics for the first time. Their taster sessions allow you to have a go at a variety of techniques. With the expert guidance of a Seven Limes pottery teacher, you’ll walk away from the session with something you’ll be proud to say you’ve made. Each class involves 8 people of varying abilities and ages from 18 and over. The sessions last around two and a half hours, with all necessary materials and tools provided by the studio. After the pottery has been made, Seven Limes Glaze and twice fire the pots for them to be picked up a few weeks later.
If you find yourself wanting more than just a taster there are weekly classes and courses available, more information can be found on the Seven Limes website. With the small class size and friendly atmosphere, each session is intended to be a space for people to embrace their creativity and express themselves through pottery. Seven Limes is run by ceramicist and teacher Wendy Andrew, who’s personal creative practice is diverse and continually evolving. As Wendy put it ‘making things with your hands gets rid of the tension in your head’, a sentiment which is becoming more important as our busy lives get in the way of finding that time to unwind. Learning new skills in an open setting is the perfect bit of urban escapism during the Winter months.

Pottery Taster at Seven Limes at Seven Limes Pottery Manchester, Manchester

24 March 2019
From £50