Picture Stockport

Creative Tourist
Jackie Wagg, Viaduct

Picture Stockport at Stockport War Memorial Art Gallery, Manchester, 12 January–12 February 2017, free entry - Visit now

From the historical to modern masters, traditional to contemporary, marvels of Victorian engineering, local street corners to the football terraces, and the humdrum of everyday life to the party atmosphere of the carnival – they’re all depicted and they all paint a picture of Stockport. Follow the trail of 22 artworks around Stockport town centre, including works by the award winning painter Jackie Wagg, graphic artist Eamonn Murphy, and LS Lowry alongside many more.

Picture Stockport will then ‘bring to life’ the known and hidden works of art that depict Stockport, with the eight pictures receiving the highest number of public votes being re-imagined by the public Stockport with the help of professional artists, through a series of workshops.

Picture Stockport at Stockport War Memorial Art Gallery, Manchester

12 January–12 February 2017
Free entry