Photo Screen Printing Weekend Course at Islington Mill

Carmel Smickersgill, Tours & Activities Editor
Photo Screen Printing
Joe Smith Photography

Photo Screen Printing / Weekend Course at Islington Mill, Chapel Street, 8–9 February 2020, from £180 - Book now

Spend a weekend immersing yourself in photo screen printing with this ideal introduction for beginners.

Learn how to translate your digital designs, collages, illustrations and photographs into screen prints and print multi colour designs onto textiles or card. There will be a range of fabric, papers, card, tshirts and tote bags for you to use within the course fee and you will be encouraged to explore and experiment printing onto different materials.

In addition to the screen printing itself, you will also learn other important steps required in order to make successful prints including coating and reclaiming screens, exposing and preparing screens and mixing inks. The course is a great introduction to screen printing and allows you to get to grips with a basic understanding of the process. It is also a great starting point to show you how simple it can be to build a basic table top photo screen printing set up in your studio or at home

The course is suitable for ages 16 + including complete beginners through to more experienced artists and designers wishing to broaden their practice.

Photo Screen Printing / Weekend Course at Islington Mill, Chapel Street

8–9 February 2020
From £180