Beacons: Pharos at Caustic Coastal

Creative Tourist
Jesse Darling, Triptych, 2014. Image courtesy of the artist

Pharos at Caustic Coastal, Manchester, 14 December 2017–13 January 2018, free entry - Visit now

Beacons is a programme of three exhibitions, talks, workshops and an accompanying publication with interconnecting threads and tangents exploring our relationships with ourselves and each other within the framework of non-linear intergenerational time and feminist legacies. The exhibitions seek to communicate our experiences of time, existence and our bodies through various means such as empathetic exchanges with objects, emotional archives, traces left in artefacts; imagining futures and resurfacing histories.

Pharos brings together the work of Rebecca Ackroyd, Jesse Darling, Maria Gondek and Mary Hurrell.

Hurrell will give a talk about her practice on Wednesday 13th from 7pm at Islington Mill (Common Room), and present a new performance on the opening evening from 7.30pm in The Fridge.

Pharos at Caustic Coastal, Manchester

14 December 2017–13 January 2018
Free entry