Once Upon a Christmas at Arley Hall

Shekina Rose, Families Editor
Once Upon a Christmas at Arley Hall
Sneaky Experience

Once Upon a Christmas at Arley Hall at Arley Hall and Gardens, Cheshire, 17–20 December 2022, from £0.00 - Book now

Journey into a dazzling realm of make believe at the first ever Once Upon a Christmas at Arley Hall from 17-20 December 2022, produced by Sneaky Experience. This delightful festive event for families invites you to explore a mystical, glittering world, as you embark on a daring quest to save Christmas.

Uh-oh! The cold-hearted Snow Queen has kidnapped Father Christmas and is about to ruin Christmas for everyone! Can you stop her? This heartwarming event welcomes you on an epic journey of mystery and discovery, in an immersive adventure that takes you through a spectacular fairy-tale kingdom. You’ll meet all sorts of strange and unique characters along the way, as you overcome obstacles, bask in the magic, become the heroes of your own story and ultimately save Christmas!

This amazing Christmassy adventure will be topped off with the chance to meet Father Christmas, whose kidnapping has meant he has had to take a break from his present-wrapping and leave his icy homeland. We don’t mind though, as the Snow Queen may be mean, but luckily she’s brought him all the way to Manchester. So now we’ve saved him, he’s here in our neck of the woods and is ready to meet and greet enthusiastic youngsters (and grownups) in the North West. There will be a chance to take photos, place a magic wish on Father Christmas’s Wishing Tree, and if you are really well-behaved, you may even get a gift from the man himself!

Hungry guests – do not fear, there’s all sorts of delicious food available at the Arley Hall site to keep you going throughout your visit.

So for magic, mystery, and most of all FUN this festive season, head on down to Once Upon a Christmas at Arley hall. Experience a magical festive experience unlike any other, and create memories with your family and friends that last a lifetime.

Once Upon a Christmas at Arley Hall at Arley Hall and Gardens, Cheshire

17–20 December 2022
From £0.00