Mushy – Lyrically Speaking at Leeds Playhouse

Kristy Stott, Theatre Editor
Mushy - Lyrically Speaking at Leeds Playhouse
Image courtesy of Leeds Playhouse

Mushy - Lyrically Speaking at Leeds Playhouse, Leeds, 8–12 October 2019, from £14.00 - Book now

The true and inspiring story of Musharaf Asghar, who featured on Channel 4’s Educating Yorkshire six years ago, is to be brought to the Leeds Playhouse stage in a world premiere production this October. Mushy – Lyrically Speaking is a rap-infused musical based on Musharaf’s experience to overcome an acute stammer.

TV series Educating Yorkshire, which followed life in a Dewsbury High School, won the hearts of viewers when Mushy learned how to cope with his stammer with the support of his teacher Mr Burton and a pair of headphones. Using a technique which he had seen in The Kings Speech (2010), Mr Burton encouraged Mushy to try headphones as an aid in the classroom. Six years on, Mushy’s uplifting story is the focus of this eagerly anticipated new musical.

Written by Pravesh Kumar and the award-winning British rapper Raxstar, Mushy’s experience is told through rap and lyrical narrative. As a youngster at a Dewsbury High School, Mushy always found himself on the outside, desperately searching to find his voice and his place in the world. Thrust into the limelight of primetime television with the whole nation watching, this is the heartwarming tale of a young man who finds the ability to speak through music.

Set in Dewsbury in 2013, Mushy’s story charts the relationship between student and teacher and the moment that Mushy begins to find a rhythm in his voice through music. The nation is gripped by the television series; social media erupts hailing it a miracle cure and both student and teacher become overnight celebrities.

Mushy – Lyrically Speaking has been developed by Rifco Theatre Company, whose main aim is to produce thought-provoking, topical and entertaining performance which celebrates and reflects contemporary British Asian experience.

Mushy - Lyrically Speaking at Leeds Playhouse, Leeds

8–12 October 2019
From £14.00