Marble Printing Evening Workshop

Carmel Smickersgill, Tours & Activities Editor
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Marble Printing Evening Workshop at Islington Mill, Chapel Street, 13 February 2020, from £35 - Book now

From Islington Mill, Salford’s explosive hub of creative practises, one69A have emerged. They are screen printing specialists who share their love of visual arts with everyone they can. Join them for an evening of marble printing, where you can get hands on with colour, chaos and the art of a changing surface.

a great place to start, when making your own art

Explore the process of marble printing to create multiple surface pattern designs. You can then print onto all kinds of fine art papers and card. All the materials are provided, however, if you have a particular idea you want to try, participants are welcome to bring extra materials along. Use your unique prints to create greetings cards, tags, stationary or as just the prints themselves. Each unique pattern lends itself to imaginative uses and you can experiment with the type of paper and card you print onto.

This workshop is open to all, regardless of ability or previous experience. Marble printing is also a great place to start with making your own art. The process welcomes mistakes and produces brilliant and totally different pieces every time.

Be sure to check out the one69A website to learn about their screen printing classes and longer workshops.


Marble Printing Evening Workshop at Islington Mill, Chapel Street

13 February 2020 6:30 pm
From £35


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