Greg Wohead: Comeback Special

Creative Tourist
Greg Wohead: 'Comeback Special' taken by Manuel Vason.

Greg Wohead: Comeback Special at Contact Theatre, Manchester, 22–24 November 2016, from £7.00 - Book now

Comeback Special is a double negative. It’s not the original, but it’s not not.

It’s an experiment in time drag; like a half-remembered dream or two mirrors facing each other or repeating a word so much it loses its meaning.

The audience is invited into an imaginative space to participate in watching the performer in front of them as if they were watching Elvis as one of the 1968 audience members.

Acting simultaneously as an Elvis stand-in, a floor manager and a medium for the re-enactment, Greg guides the audience through the TV special as he remembers it, blurring the identities of himself and Elvis, the actual audience members in front of him and the audience members from 1968.

Greg welcomes Elvis fans, theatre fans and anyone who thinks this peculiar re-enactment might be fun. He certainly does.

Greg Wohead: Comeback Special at Contact Theatre, Manchester

22–24 November 2016
From £7.00