Gluten Free Sweet and Savoury Tour

Carmel Smickersgill, Tours & Activities Editor
Follow Me for Gluten Free

Gluten Free Sweet and Savoury Tour at Mackie Mayor, Manchester, 11 May 2022, from £35.00 - Book now

Finding places to eat when you’re gluten intolerant or have Coeliac disease can be difficult, especially when you’re just craving something sweet or indulgent. Let tour guide Annie help you with this, her new tour Follow Me For Gluten Free is a walking food tour that will give you a window into the best spots for gluten free bites to eat in town.

Annie, was diagnosed with Coeliac disease around a year ago and has since been familiarising herself with the best places to eat gluten free in Manchester. All the cafes, shops and bakeries you visit on the tour are kitchens that she fully trusts to prepare food with care and eats at herself regularly. Do not make the mistake though of thinking this tour is just for those with special dietary requirements, anyone with a curious palette and hunger for a foodie adventure will be catered for.

As a host, Annie has a warm and charismatic presence, she is great at creating a welcoming environment for everyone as they arrive. Each tour usually has around ten attendees which makes it the perfect size to chat and socialise with each other as you eat your way through the city. Starting in the Northern Quarter, the tour will take you through Deansgate and into Spinning Fields before returning back to where you started for a final stop. As well as being an opportunity to try some exciting edibles, Follow Me For Gluten Free gives you a great overview of the city centre.

As a fan of gluten, and someone who can eat as much of it as I want, I came to the tour with an open mind. I was really ready to be wowed by these wheatless treats and I did not leave disappointed. The quality of food on the tour is exceptional and really highlights some of the best independent kitchens in the city.

This new tour is a break from Follow Me For Gluten Free’s usual sweet tours. You’ll be sampling a mixture of sweet and savoury delights as you take this culinary journey through the city.

Gluten Free Sweet and Savoury Tour at Mackie Mayor, Manchester

11 May 2022 12:00 pm
From £35.00