Faye Wei Wei: New Works at CFCCA

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Faye Wei Wei: New Works at CFCCA, Manchester
Faye Wei Wei, From the Centre of the Rose (2018) image courtesy of the artist and Cob Gallery

Faye Wei Wei: New Works at esea contemporary, Manchester, 11 May–1 June 2018, free entry - Visit now

Recently graduated from Slade School of Fine Art in 2016, 23 year old Faye Wei Wei is a young painter whose passion and energy has earned her considerable attention in the public eye. Faye’s large-scale figurative artworks draw you into an imaginative, painterly world that brings together symbolism, mystery and mythology. Wei Wei sees her mark-making as the record of vast sequences of gesture and movement. Her painting has a sense of enjoyment, revelling in the beauty of the unassuming and unexpected.

This brand new collection of art work presented at CFCCA, marks a development in Wei Wei’s artistic practice, with experiments in unorthodox colour palettes which complement her characteristically bold and swooping brush strokes. The imagery continues to be about texture, physicality and the pleasure of representation as the actual subject-matter in itself.

The exhibition in Gallery 2, runs alongside a solo show of video works by artist Shen Xin including a new commission. Both shows are curated by Tiffany Leung.

Faye Wei Wei: New Works at esea contemporary, Manchester

11 May–1 June 2018
Free entry