Deer Park at Dunham Massey

Gemma Gibb, Associate Editor
Deer Park at Dunham Massey
National Trust/John Millar

Deer Park at Dunham Massey at Dunham Massey, 11 July–30 September 2018, Dunham Massey admission prices apply (free for National Trust members) - Visit now

We can’t think of a better place to let loose on a summer day or, quite frankly any time of the year, than Dunham Massey‘s 300 acre ancient Deer Park.

It’s one of the best natural playgrounds in the North with log piles to clamber over, in and under, den building to crack on with and pools to relax and spot wildlife by.

Dunham’s much-loved deer are highly visible in the summer months as they venture out of the deer sanctuary for a spot of sunbathing in the shade, munching on grass or nibbling low hanging leaves.

Play a round of deer bingo and see if you can tick off all four colours of fallow deer that live at Dunham. Common (tan with white spots, fading to a grey colour in winter), menil (tan but with white spots year round), melanistic (almost entirely black or chocolate coloured) and white (a pale sandy colour, turning white with age).

Throughout August you can also spot the re-growth of the bucks’ antlers. The velvety fur that cover them is then shed before the antlers grow back fully in time for rutting season in September.

We love that you can share space with these fascinating creatures at a safe distance.

Don’t miss exploring Dunham’s ancient trees across the parkland – one of the finest collections in England and home to many rare insects. Follow the two and a half mile Ancient Trees walk for a proper arboreal adventure, including many with dead branches and hollow trunks with history going back almost a thousand years.

Daily walks at 1.30 also reveal more about Dunham’s history and wildlife.



Deer Park at Dunham Massey at Dunham Massey

11 July–30 September 2018
Dunham Massey admission prices apply (free for National Trust members)