Chapter One Creative Writing Group

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Carmel Smickersgill, Tours & Activities Editor
Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko

Chapter One Creative Writing Group at Chapter 1 Books, Manchester, 23 May 2023, free entry - Visit now

Chapter One is a haven of calm, coffee and now creative writing in the heart of the Northern Quarter. As a coffee shop that stays open later than most, it’s a welcoming and rare place to enjoy an evening activity without the presence of alcohol. Between their art classes and reading groups you can find like minded individuals to share a herbal tea with while you paint or discuss a common interest. Recently, they have introduced new weekly creative writing sessions for those who are keen to get more hands on with text.

Embarking on a creative project on your own can seem daunting. Often, the reason why people’s work goes unfinished is that it’s incredibly hard to complete something when you have to find the ideas, the motivation and the hard work from within yourself. A simple yet incredibly effective antidote to this common problem is finding a community that supports you in your mission. Creative writing groups like the one at Chapter One can be vital to keeping a writer feeling like their project is worth pursuing.

The sessions take place every Tuesday evening and are free of charge, you simply turn up with whatever you’ve created and you don’t even need to come up with all the ideas yourself. Each Friday, Chapter One is posting writing prompts via their instagram. These range in theme and can be interpreted however participants feel like responding. Let the prompts push you beyond your normal practise and lean on the group for feedback as you explore new creative territory.

With a group aimed at encouraging creativity and inclusion it’s no surprise that there’s a heavy emphasis on all levels of writer being welcome. Whether you’ve got a couple of english degrees and have been published or you used to write haikus about the people you had crushes on as a teenager your voice is equally valid within the group.

Get involved via instagram and just turn up to the next session to see what the hype is about.

Chapter One Creative Writing Group at Chapter 1 Books, Manchester

23 May 2023 6:30 pm
Free entry