Casablanca and Classic Cocktails at Kosmonaut

Tom Grieve, Cinema Editor
Image courtesy of Kosmonaut

Casablanca and Classic Cocktails at Kosmonaut, Manchester, 12 February 2017, from £12.00 - Visit now

There’s nothing quite like Classical Hollywood romances; the otherworldly black and white, the alluring mystery of the stars and the longing ache of lovers kept apart. Films like To Have and Have NotNotorious and Only Angels Have Wings have a magic that is impossible to reproduce today.

Perhaps the most famous (and misquoted) of all is Michael Curtiz’s Casablanca. This WWII, Morocco-set film has a little bit of everything, with thrills, espionage and mystery entwined with the central romance between Humphrey Bogart’s cynical bar owner and his old flame, played by Ingrid Bergman. It’s a film full of cigarette smoke, booze and shabby glamour, but it also hangs heavy with the horror and melancholy of wartime. Eternally entertaining, Curtiz’s sharply written film stands as a testament to the genius of the Hollywood studio system, and the evocative power of cinema.

It might not quite be Rick’s Café Américain but Kosmonaut certainly know how to knock a drink together. They are offering a classy early Valentine’s deal for singles, couples and in-betweens, with tickets priced at £12 for the film screening and two Kosmonaut classic cocktails.

Casablanca and Classic Cocktails at Kosmonaut, Manchester

12 February 2017
From £12.00

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