Bothy Presents: What is HIP? at MCDC

Carmel Smickersgill, Tours & Activities Editor
Bothy, Graphics Euan Moreland

Bothy Presents: What is HIP? at MCDC at Manchester Craft & Design Centre, Manchester, 4 December 2021, free entry - Visit now

Historically Informed Performance is one of the most mislabelled and misrepresented ways of performing classical music. This is not people playing old instruments. This is not people acting like they’re in the 1700’s and performing to the upper gentry. This is a group of musicians pushing the boundaries of their own playing to create jaw dropping dynamic changes, unconventional approaches to tempo and a style of playing that elevates the music from the page. Join cellist James Heathcote as he explores the question What is HIP?

Manchester’s classical chamber music scene is varied in style and bursting with musical talent. With the thought provoking concerts of Manchester Camerata, the new and alternative music to be heard with Psappha, plus the ingenious programming from the latest Northern classical music success story Manchester Collective, there is a strong culture of creating brilliant concerts in the city.

a new way to listen to this very old music

A lot of these ensembles however, exist because of the hard work and total dedication of their creators. For most freelance musicians in the city, giving up everything else to try to grow a chamber music project from the ground up isn’t an option. This is where Bothy comes in. Bothy is a group of like minded musicians who aim to provide more opportunity for chamber groups by acting as promoters, fixers, finders of accessible and affordable rehearsal spaces and anything else a group or individual might need to help them realise their visions.

Having first emerged on MIF festival square in the summer, Bothy are now working with the Manchester Craft and Design Centre to provide rehearsal space for classical musicians and a totally unique venue in which to share the fruits of their labour.

We are very excited about the first of these concerts, What is HIP? Cellist James Heathcote will be bringing the early romantic era to MCDC in a way that you probably haven’t heard before. James recently moved back to Manchester having spent some time studying HIP in detail. His enthusiasm for the playing style and love of the music is infectious and with warm plus informative introductions to both of these elements before each piece, the classical fans and novices alike will find a new way to listen to and enjoy this very old music.

Bothy Presents: What is HIP? at MCDC at Manchester Craft & Design Centre, Manchester

4 December 2021 12:30 pm
Free entry