Ageless Festival at Yorkshire Dance

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Kristy Stott, Theatre Editor
Ageless Festival at Yorkshire Dance
Image courtesy of Yorkshire Dance

Ageless Festival at Yorkshire Dance, Leeds, 25–26 October 2019 - Book now

Taking place this October, Ageless Festival is a 2-day event featuring a wide range of artists, film-makers and speakers who are reimagining age through dance.

The festival is a glorious celebration of all of the local, national and international work that Yorkshire Dance has developed with older people in Leeds and across Yorkshire over the last ten years.

Ageless is a jam-packed festival of performances, workshops and events taking place across Leeds.

There will be performances by the self-professed ‘enfant terrible of the bus pass generation’, Liz Aggiss. A truly fascinating live artist, dance performer, choreographer and dance film-maker, Aggiss consistently pushes the boundaries within conventional dance practice. With an extract from her award-winning show Slap and Tickle and a scratch performance from her new work Crone Alone, Aggiss will also present a collaboration with Salisbury based company Dance Six-0.

Leeds Playhouse will proudly present performances from ThreeScore Dance Company and a local cast of people from Leeds, to celebrate the participation of older people in dance. The festival will also see a stunning UK premiere performance, I Wish This Dance Would Never End, from renowned international dancer Riccardo Buscanini. Using a constant dialogue between performer and spectator, I Wish This Dance Would Never End is a playful tribute to the golden age of Italian cinema.

There will also be workshops with a focus on Party and Carnival dances from around the world; intergenerational events for all ages, and a series of talks and discussions around the impact of dance on communication, expression and wellbeing.

Right, we’re off to dig out our dancing shoes…

Ageless Festival at Yorkshire Dance, Leeds

25–26 October 2019

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