Hadrian’s Wall

Jake Gill
Creative Tourist

Hadrian’s Wall, Brampton, NE47 7JN – Visit Now

Spanning 73 miles from coast to coast, Hadrian’s Wall was once the northern frontier of the mighty Roman Empire. Built to guard against the fierce Scottish tribes of the north, this incredible construction has been used as inspiration for the legendary wall of ice in Game of Thrones. The wall remains standing today, and no other World Heritage Site in Europe provides the public with as much access to so many archaeological ruins.

Set amidst the breath-taking beauty of the Northumbrian and Cumbrian landscapes, the wall protected Roman Britain with over 80 milecastles and 17 large forts. However, the wall began to deteriorate and fall into disrepair when the Romans left Britain almost three hundred years later. The best preserved among these forts on the wall is Housesteads Roman Fort, a stronghold situated on a striking escarpment which garrisoned a thousand soldiers. A museum is located on the site and provides an exceptional insight into the ruins of the fort and the lives of its Roman inhabitants.

Another standout location on the wall is Chesters Roman Fort, the most complete Roman cavalry fort in Britain. The Chesters Takeover family trail will transport you back to a time when the Romans ruled Britain – make sure to visit the bath house and steam room that soldiers used almost two thousand years ago!

The wall was a lively and diverse land with market towns, settlements and shrines. Brocolitia Roman Temple offers an insight into the religious lives of the Roman population, and for those who like to witness history in motion, visit the Vindolanda Excavations to see archaeologists uncover amazing fragments of our Roman past.

No visit is complete without tasting some of the delectable dishes from some of the top culinary hotspots along the wall. The Barrasford Arms near Chesters Fort offers traditional Northumbrian classics, and for a delicious home-cooked meal, try the Twice Brewed Inn just off the Military Road.