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After travel inspiration? We’ve put together the Top 10 Travel & City Blogs. Spot a glaring omission? You can send us your tips via the form on the right. Otherwise, work your way through our favourite reads here.

That Emily Chappell

London-based cycle courier Emily Chappell blogs about her travels on two wheels, which have included tours from Wales to Japan. There are fascinating accounts of freezing journeys through Alaska, advice on pannier packing, and stories of people met along the way. Read it here.

On The Luce

If you like to travel on a budget, but value the comfort of proper beds, and accommodation free of drunk 20-something Australians, then Lucy Dodsworth’s blog is an invaluable read. Find excellent guides to European city breaks, far-flung destinations and tips on finding the best Airbnb digs. Read it here.

Herb Lester

When you’re visiting a new city, often the simpler your guide is, the better. There are times when review sites don’t cut it, and the tyranny of choice is the one thing standing in the way of you and that potentially perfect cocktail bar. Step up Herb Lester, whose pocket-sized paper guides are essential. The online journal is great too, with mini guides and cinema-inspired armchair travels. Read it here.

The Man in Seat 61…

“Flying has lost it’s glamour”, or so says Mark Smith, author of this cult travel blog. He’s got a point; air travel isn’t exactly what it used to be, when a well-stocked drinks trolley was complimentary and the carpet was shagpile (probably). These days a flight is more often a humiliating experience bookended by surreal applause from the cabin. In which case, sack it off and take the train instead; Seat 61 is full of indisputable advice to help you on your way. Read it here.

That Gay Backpacker

Globetrotting David writes about gay travel, covering the best gay beaches, clubs and Pride celebrations around the world. Expect thoughtful articles about the ethics of haggling and the privileged position of the traveller, and the That Gay Guy series, featuring interviews with global locals – from Lahore to Helsinki and Budapest – sharing their tips and experiences of their local gay scenes. Read it here.

Green Travel

Geared towards eco-sustainable travel, Green Travel is a good go-to if you’re keen on maintaining a modest carbon footprint. Green holidays in Britain and Europe, top tips for eco retreats, and great places to stay near ferry ports and train stations; it’s all here. Read it here.

Vicky Flip Flop

Some travel bloggers are adventure-chasers, throwing caution to the wind, leaving jobs and seeking ‘experiences’. The type of person who has made friends with everybody in the beach bar by the end of the night. Pro blogger Vicky is seemingly Queen of this category, and has made it her living. Travel inspiration comes in handy categories, according to destination, or length of trip, and there’s a lot of advice on travel blogging itself. Read it here.

Road, Rail and Sea

Whether you’re after a weekend in Wales, or a train tour that snakes through a host of beautiful European cities, Rail Road Sea has an excellent collection of itineraries and routes to save the time-consuming research. There are tips on making the most of city breaks with kids and wonderfully useful advice for avoiding tolls on road trips. Read it here.

A Lady in London

This uber-girly blog from Californian expat Julie Falconer is one of the UK heavyweights, and it’s no wonder; she’s racked up travels to over 100 countries, so chances are, if you’re after a specific guide, it’ll already be right there in the archives. Read it here.

The Girl Outdoors

Bristol-based editor Sian Anna Lewis is into the great outdoors, travel and sports. Her passions are covered here, whether that’s surfing in Cornwall or trail running in the Brecon Beacons. Expect advice on the best kit for taking outdoors, and what to cook over your campfire. Read it here.

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