Winter Scavenger Hunt

Sarah Gaffney-Lang, Families Editor
Winter Scavenger Hunt at Tatton Park
Tatton Park

Winter Scavenger Hunt, online, 1 January–28 March 2021, free entry - Visit now

In the land of lockdown, we’re either inside keeping warm or outside clambering for fresh air – in the form of a walk or a run. Tatton Park’s Winter Scavenger Hunt couldn’t have come at a better time, then. This free downloadable A4 walking guide is packed with exploratory activities to inject some purpose into your stroll or stomp across the sprawling parkland. Occupying over 1,000 acres of land in Cheshire, the Tatton estate could more properly be called a pleasure garden and winter is one of the most breathtaking seasons to explore the vast landscape.

sure to keep little legs and little minds busy

Your kids are encouraged to start by reading the latest edition of ‘Wildlife News’ (available on Tatton’s website) which is akin to a newsletter – produced by the team of Park Rangers. In it you’ll find fascinating facts about how the park, animals and wildlife are cared for during the winter months. This is complimented by the Winter Scavenger Hunt activity sheet which outlines a list of key natural wonders to look out for on your jaunt: a frozen puddle, icy spider web, and a nibbled pinecone to mention just a few! Keen bird spotters (of all ages!) will delight at the array of species which include wildfowl, herons, geese, and goldcrests, woodpeckers, treecreepers and nuthatches some of which take to the skies in flocks.

Here at Creative Tourist, we are big fans of Tatton Park not least because of the breadth of natural beauty it has to offer. Whether it’s a frosty morning or a sunny afternoon, it’s perfect for a family outing, and while the formal gardens, house and petting farm are currently closed due to lockdown restrictions, the Winter Scavenger Hunt trail is sure to keep little legs and little minds busy.

Don’t forget to share snippets of your scavenging adventures on social media using the hashtag #TattonPark.

Winter Scavenger Hunt, online

1 January–28 March 2021
Free entry