Whiskyology at Chetham’s Library

Polly Checkland Harding
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Whiskyology at Chetham’s Library, Manchester, 28 October 2016, from £20.00 - Book now

They’re a smart lot on the Manchester Science Festival team – for what better way to spike people’s interest in science than with alcohol? This year’s programme sees a fascinating (and libatory) investigation into moonshine, rotgut, hooch, corn squeezin’s… otherwise known as whisky. Lead by local enthusiasts and held at Chetham’s Library, Whiskyology explores the tradition of whisky making and the science behind it, as well as giving you the opportunity to work your way through six special drams.

Discuss the differences between drinking, tasting and nosing, how to detect flavour notes and myths about whisky that need to be dismissed (try saying that after one too many). We also kindly refer you to our guide to the best whisky bars in Manchester.

Whiskyology at Chetham’s Library, Manchester

28 October 2016 7:00 pm
From £20.00